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iOS8 made me realize what I really need

Yesterday evening I was checking as usual which iOS apps are updated - it’s just a habit. Wow! So many updates. That can only mean that iOS8 is finally released.

New wine in old wine skins

So I went through the list of installed apps and deleted some to make room for the installation. 4.5GB were required.

At the end I successfully send an update request and went to bed. This morning it was not installed yet. Hm, sad. But after a tap it started downloading and an hour or so later it showed a dark screen. Huh, what is this?

Pressing some buttons made me realize that the update had crashed at some point. Finally the “connect me to iTunes” screen comes to restore the device.

Shame. When did I do the last backup? Probably some months ago. D'oh!
Well, that’s it. Either restore to an old version or start from scratch. I chose the latter.

Why? To make me realize what apps I really needed and used.

After years using this iPad I have probably accumulated over 100 apps in several pages. The apps filled almost the whole 64GB.
Starting over again would remove the clutter and make me see more clearly.

A new beginning

So, these are the apps I ended up installing when it was setup again. The list is in no particular order. Just the apps how they came to my mind.

after some time these were added as well:

The iPad looks very bare now. I will probably install some more over time. Will I miss the saved state? We will see.

How did the update go for you guys? All good? Which apps are the ones you cannot live without? Please post your experience in the comments. Would be great to hear.

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